Thursday, September 08, 2011

Applause, applause

In 2010, the top ten countries with the most executions were China, Iran, North Korea, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Bangladesh and Somalia - and oh, yes, the US ranked at #5. And the good Christians who vote Republican couldn't be prouder.


Remus said...

so many ways to die ...

Breathe our air a while ... now there's an injustice.

We don't execute THAT many people in prison ... the cops take out quite a few in in pre-trial procedures ... and it's Texas, where everyone has guns ... we take out each other too.

notice how Perry looked down and grinned when he heard the first part of the question.

... and he has no problem offing those with mental handicaps either.

Debbie Does Nothing said...

Wasn't there also a recent case where there was evidence to suggest the guy was innocent? My memory's pretty vague about that one. After Perry's secession comments, I never dreamed he'd be taken seriously as a presidential candidate.