Thursday, July 22, 2010

I hate Jennifer Aniston

I started hating her because she married my Brad. I continued hating her when I started hearing stories about what a neurotic bitch she was and how he was dying to have kids and she kept saying "Wait."

Of course, I have no way of knowing whether any of that is true. But the fact that he left her for another woman who already had a child and was eager to have more and he's got six kids now says something, right?

As far as the neurotic part goes, she herself has told Oprah how she sleep walks and various other weird stuff. Then there was the story about how she almost never poses for pictures with a full smile because she doesn't like her teeth. And I constantly see pictures of her with her mouth closed in that tight little neurotic smile. She's almost as bad as Morgan Fairchild who never gave a full smile because she didn't want to get wrinkles.

Now that I think about it, I started hating her even before Brad because of the whiny, neurotic character she played on Friends. And most of her movies have been really crappy.

Not that she gives a damn what I think.

But every time I see her with her phony closed-mouth smile, I think, "Child, you're a multi-millionaire. Buy yourself some new teeth!"


Remus said...

Maybe she hates dentists.

I do, and I'm not even a plain millionaire.

Debbie Does Nothing said...

I can't say I love them either.

Moose Briller said...

I hated her because her tv show was called "Friends" and my friends were never a group of beautiful wonderful New Yorkers who didn't have a financial care in the world... I would think of my own version of reality and get sad that I was supposed to be "friends" with people on tv who didn't even know me, much less care about me... "I'll be there for you!" on reruns!

Debbie Does Nothing said...

It's annoying how most people on TV never have to worry about money.