Thursday, January 14, 2010

Some days, it doesn't take much to amuse me

About a month ago, I posted a flippant comment on someone else's blog. It was like one sentence, intended to be funny in keeping with the tone of the original post, not intended to be an insult at all. As often happens on the internet, my comment was misinterpreted and the blogger was offended by what I said.

I forgot all about my comment - didn't even go back to see if anyone had responded to it. Until today. I was surfing around various blogs and stumbled across a link to that post, remembered that I had commented, so clicked to see if there was any followup.

The guy had taken the time to google me (the only way he could have found this blog, since it wasn't linked in my profile on that site). And he apparently spent a considerable amount of time reading my blog, going back several months, because he referred to a few specific things I've said here that are scattered throughout my posts.

According to him, I'm a bad writer. So bad that he spent at least an hour reading my blog. He certainly took a lot more interest in me than I've ever taken in him.

This amused me.

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